View Full Version : Story given by shop frausters "utter rubbish" says sheriff

15-Jun-13, 08:40
Home curfew for money change Romanian pair
A SHERIFF has rubbished an explanation given by two Rumanians for visiting the Highlands during which they defrauded two shops.
Ion Munteanu, 20, and Dorel Muntean, 29, from Rotherham, explained that they had come north to collect an old car and committed the offences after running short of cash.
But the explanation was dismissed as “utter rubbish” by Sheriff Andrew Berry.
The pair tricked shop assistants at Simpson newsagents at Wick, out of 100 and defrauded the Co-op store at Alness of a further 40. The offences on April 27, were carried out when the duo created confusion by requesting various cash exchanges involving different denominations of coins and notes.
Sheriff Andrew Berry told the accused, who appeared from custody for sentence at Wick Sheriff Court, yesterday that they both had significant records and had repeatedly used aliases.
The sheriff, who saw a background report went on: “The social worker says this means she can’t be sure that the information provided has any basis in truth in making any assessment of the situation and the likelihood of re-offending, almost impossible.”
Sheriff Berry described their explanation about collecting a car and committing the frauds 80 miles apart as “utter rubbish”, particularly taking their records into account. .
He ordered both accused to be tagged for 135 days, under a 7pm-7am curfew at their respective homes.
Munteanu, lives at 203, Heatherly Road; Muntean lives at 47 St Anne’s Road, both Rotherham.