View Full Version : Rowdy accused shouted and swore

13-Jun-13, 08:24
Castletown man caused disturbance outside mother's home
A MAN, who caused a disturbance outside his mother's home in Castletown after drinking three litres of cider, will be sentenced later this month at Wick Sheriff Court.
Graham Taylor, 37, shouted and swore and banged on the windows and doors of her house in Traill Street, in the village, on Monday, during a drinking spree.
The court was told that Taylor, of 7 Mackay Street, Castletown, wanted to speak to his mother but she had locked the doors and wants nothing to do with him "when he on the drink".
Taylor, who pleaded guilty, was described as "a different person to deal with" when sober.
Sheriff Andrew Berry continued the case until June 28 for a background report with a view to seeing if anything can be done to assist the accused address his longstanding drink problem.