View Full Version : No serious incidents at RockNess

08-Jun-13, 17:30
Minority have ignored warnings about drugs and may be convicted say police

ROCKNESS Commander, Superintendent Stevie Mackay praised festival goers after a successful first day and night at RockNess have passed without any incidents of note.
He said; "There has been a good atmosphere and the weather could not be better. It is clear that the vast majority of people have heeded advice prior to the event.
"We want people to come and enjoy the festival and to do so in a safe environment. A very small number of people, out of the thousands attending, have chosen to ignore our warnings about drugs and as a consequence may end up with a criminal record."
There have been 36 positive drugs searches carried out so far and these people will be reported to the Procurator Fiscal.
A number of thefts have been reported this morning. 13 people so far have reported thefts of valuables, including mobile phones and wallets, both from the arena and the campsite.
Superintendent Mackay added: "Don't let opportunist thieves spoil your weekend. Keep your valuables safe. Don't leave any valuables in your tent and take care of the belongings you carry on you. Remember that alcohol leaves you more vunerable to crime. If you see any suspicious activity, report this to a police officer immediately."
Event Medical Commander, Iain MacKay (Scottish Ambulance Service) advises festival goers to avoid sunburn or dehydration. He said; "The weather continues to be stunning and it is important that people drink plenty of water to keep from getting dehydrated. Cover up in the strong sunlight and use a sunscreen. Sunscreen is available on site and you can get both sunscreen and advice at the welfare tent."
Station Manager Derek Wilkie, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, advised there have been a small number of minor incidents, but no one has been injured.
He said; "There has been an incident involving the explosion of a small gas canister which was used for a camping stove and there have been a couple of small fires involving the use of barbecues in or adjacent to tents.
"Whilst no one has been injured I would like to remind everyone that, if cooking, you must do so in the designated areas. Never take a barbecue or stove into a tent, and it is important that you do not operate a barbecue or camping stove whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs."