View Full Version : Jailed for medical centre break-in

31-May-13, 12:51
Addict needed a new supply court told

A DRUG addict broke into his village’s medical centre to get pills to feed his habit Wick Sheriff Court was told today.
Angus Cormack, 26, admitted the charge and a record and was jailed for eight months by Sheriff Andrew Berry.
The court was told that he was disturbed after breaking into medical practice at Lybster, on February 28, but was unable to gain access to a drugs cabinet. Cormack, of 5 Main Street, Lybster, was disturbed by the practice manageress who had been alerted and gone to the practice to check-up.
Andrew Laing, prosecuting, said that Cormack got into the building by breaking a panel in a waiting room window but an attempt to force open a locked drugs cabinet, was unsuccessful.
Mr Laing said that one could only imagine the 60-year-old manageress’ surprise when an inside door opened and Cormack appeared.
She recognised him as a patient and let him go before contacting the police. They traced Cormack to his home and formed the opinion that he was under the influence of a substance and unable to respond properly to them. Concerned officers took the accused to hospital where he was detained overnight for observation.
Solicitor Fiona MacDonald said that Cormack had alcohol and drug issues. He had been using diazepam heavily prior to the offence but had run out and gone to the medical centre to get more.
Jailing him, Sheriff Berry deplored the inconvenience Cormack had caused the practice which had become a scenes of crime location and commented on the potential problems for patients, legitimately requiring drugs, if he had managed to steal them.