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31-May-13, 08:04
Wife went ‘mad’ after catching husband in caravan romp claims accused at Wick trial this week

A WOMAN claimed in court that she was assaulted after being caught having sex in a caravan with someone else’s husband.
Natasha Kelly, 20, alleges that estranged wife Christina Hindmarch approached the caravan “like a raging bull” and attacked her, attempting to punch her and stab her with a tent peg.
Miss Kelly also maintained, at Wick Sheriff Court, this week, that 27-year-old Hindmarch got into her car and tried to run her down.
The drama unfolded at Wick Sheriff Court, this week when Hindmarch appeared in the dock with Amanda, 39, and David Stubbings, 43.
All three deny assaulting Miss Kelly in Nicolson Street, Wick, on August 11. Hindmarch further pleaded not guilty to assaulting Miss Kelly by driving a car at her in Nicolson Street, Wick, and pulling her hair in the caravan, in a garden there. The Stubbings were living in Murchison Street, Wick, at the time and Hindmarch was resident in the town’s Wellington Avenue.
Miss Kelly told the court that she had been visiting friends in Nicolson Street and went out to the caravan, in the garden, with Simon Hindmarch.
She said that she heard his wife approaching before she saw her and told Sheriff Andrew Berry: “She was like a raging bull..shouting and screaming and swearing. She was psycho.”
Miss Kelly, who was allowed to stand in the witness box after informing the court she was pregnant and nearing her time, said that when Simon Hindmarch opened the caravan door, his wife “came flying in” holding their young son.
Miss Kelly went on: “She caught hold of my hair and began to pull it and tried to punch me. Then she went crazy picked up a tent peg and tried to stab me with it. She drunk and was screaming and shouting”
Miss Kelly told the court that Hindmarch was upset because she had found her with her husband but she didn’t know what her problem was, as she was separated from him and in a relationship. Simon Hindmarch intervened in the attack and his wife left the caravan with their son.
Miss Kelly said she went back to her friends’ house and shortly afterwards stepped out for a walk and was confronted by the accused Hindmarch driving towards her, at speed, stopping just in front of her as she was about to step off the pavement. The accused reversed and drove up forward again, up against her shin.
Asked why the accused should have behaved in such a manner, Miss Kelly responded: “She was outraged that I had been with her husband.”
Commenting on the car incident Hindmarch said: “I ended up putting both my hands on the bonnet of the vehicle. I was scared. I thought she was going to run me down. I saw her face through the windscreen, she was mad...shouting and screaming.”
Miss Kelly that later in a nearby alleyway, she was punched and kicked by the three accused.
Miss Kelly said: “Amanda called me a whore and a slut...it was all about me being with Simon.” Miss Kelly received treatment in hospital for her injuries and was shown photos of her injuries.
Cross examining, solicitor Neil Wilson was at a loss to know, why, after repeated attacks, Miss Kelly had not gone to the police and accused her of making the whole thing up.
It was when she was being cross-examined by solicitor Fiona MacDonald that Miss Kelly admitted that she had been having sex with Simon Hindmarch in the caravan, when his estranged wife arrived.
Miss MacDonald, for Christina Hindmarch, put it to Miss Kelly that the accused had taken her young son for an arranged visit to his father only to find him sleeping with someone who wasn’t his mother.
Miss Kelly denied the suggestion of an arranged visit. When questioned further about the amount of alcohol she had consumed, admitted she had drunk four vodkas but insisted she had not been drunk.
She said that that although she had not seen Hindmarch approach the caravan, she knew it was her by her voice.
Solicitor Neil Wilson has submitted a special defence that Amanda Stubbings had only pushed Miss Kelly in self defence. Solicitor Ian Innes has tabled a defence of alibi on behalf of David Stubbings – that he was not present during the attacks.
Christina Hindmarch was said to have moved since the incident and is now staying in Ross Place, Dingwall. David Stubbings now lives in Battery Road, Wick.
The trial is due to resume on October 3.

Remanded pending further inquiry

A THURSO man has been accused of causing a person fear and alarm, and breaching a non-harrassment order and a domestic interdict.
Darren Bruce, 28, made no plea or declaration during a brief appearance before Sheriff Berry and was remanded in custody pending further.
The offences are alleged to have occurred in Thurso.

Police investigators praised.

TWO Thurso policemen were praised by the prosecutor for their commitment in an assault investigation.
Constables David Souter and Kyle Dallas had only a partial description of the suspect.
When a patrol car search drew a blank, the officers carried out a door-to-door search in Brownhill Road, Thurso, on April 29. It revealed two eye-witnesses to the assault and further inquired led them to detain John Glover at a flat in the town’s Ormlie Road.
Glover, 43, denied assaulting Elizabeth Gilllespie, during a public argument, acting in a threatening or abusive manner but was found guilty after a trial. He admitted violent behaviour in a police vehicle taking him to Thurso police station.
The court was told that Glover, of Lord Thurso Court, Thurso, was seen having a heated argument with Ms Gillespie and at one point struck her on the side of the head.
Andrew Laing, prosecuting, made a point, at the close of the trial, of acknowledging the efforts of Constables Souter and Dallas.
He said: “They did a very good job in this investigation.”
Mr Laing added that the officers had secured a significant amount of additional evidence without which the crime might not have come to light. jGlover was remanded in custody until June 14, for background reports.