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28-May-13, 08:11
Head kick could have had “much more serious consequences” Wick court told

A CASTLETOWN man, who admitted an early morning head-kicking assault outside a Wick pub, was jailed for six months yesterday.
Sheriff Andrew Berry told Donald McPhee that his actions could have had “much more serious consequences” for his victim, Graeme Dunbar.
McPhee, 38, of 20 Traill Street, appeared from custody along with Geoffrey Williamson, 36, of 9 Murrayfield, both Castletown, at Wick Sheriff Court and pleaded guilty to a charge of assault. Both are unemployed and have previous convictions.
The court was told that the incidents, early on Saturday, stemmed from ill feeling inside the Camps Bar which came to a head outside, where Williamson punched Mr Dunbar and McPhee kicked him on the head after he fell to the ground. Mr Dunbar was seen to be bleeding but his injuries, however, were found not to be serious on his arrival at hospital.
Solicitor Neil Wilson alleged that Mr Dunbar, a six-footer, had threatened Williamson inside the pub and followed him when he left.
Mr Wilson added: “The accused was alarmed, and, in a moment of panic, punched Mr Dunbar.”
The victim, who also belongs to Castletown village, fell to the ground and was kicked once by McPhee, a father-of-five.
Sheriff Berry told him: "You took the opportunity kick someone on the ground, in the head, which could have led to very much more serious consequences. I take the view that prison is the only appropriate sentence.”
McPhee was also banned from the Camps Bar for two years - his second such exclusion from a Wick pub.
Turning to Williamson, Sheriff Berry said that his position was less serious although his record contained a significant High Court sentence, and he could be dealt with differently. Williamson was ordered to carry out 100 hours unpaid community work.