View Full Version : Bargain Time!

Mrs Sweetie
22-May-13, 10:25
Good morning. It's that time of the month again when we have new special offers. Until 18th June we can offer you:

* Doritos flavoured snacks price marked 1 per bag - any 2 for 1.50

* Hula Hoops standard bags - any 3 for 1

* Kit Kat Chunky flavours as stocked/Kit Kat 4 finger/Cadbury Bubbly bar - any 3 for 1.20

* Mars Mix/Galaxy Counters/Maltesers standard bags - any 2 for 90p

* Oreo Cookies snack pack/Belvita cereal bar - any 3 for 1

* Randoms Rip Ems - 50p each

* 2L bottles of Pepsi price marked 1.69 - 1 each

We also carry stocks of Favourites Fudge, made locally in Freswick, Caithness Chocolate made here in Wick and items from various local bakers any of which would make great gifts for visitors to the County.