View Full Version : Sheriff's tough line over breaches

21-May-13, 08:02
Accused jailed after running out of chances

A WICK man was jailed for 135 days yesterday after failing to take his final chance.
Gary MacAlpine, 23, appeared at the town’s sheriff court, and admitted breaching an order requiring him to carry out 90 hours unpaid community work, by not turning up for an appointment.
He was said to have completed 24 hours of the order imposed for behaving in an abusive or threatening manner. MacAlpine, of 24 Oldwick Road, Wick, was passing a garden party in Cairndhuna Terrace, in the town, on June 26 last year, and stopped to shout and argue with one of the guests.
Solicitor Neil Wilson said: “The accused accepts that he has used up his final chance but nevertheless has instructed me to ask for a further chance.”
The appeal was rejected by Sheriff Andrew Berry, who told MacAlpine that he had been given repeated opportunities to complete the work order and had, more recently, failed to comply with a bail order. The community service order was revoked.
In a separate case, Jamie Bremner, who admitted a bail breach, narrowly escaped a custodial sentence, “by the narrowest of margins”.
Bremner, 24, also appeared from custody and admitted being in his partner’s home in Roxburgh Road, Wick, yesterday, contrary to a bail condition.
Sheriff Berry observed that the order had previously been relaxed to allow the pair to see and contact each other but not enter their respective homes, but Bremner had “done as he pleased.”
The sheriff, who called for a background report, added: “Your behaviour is not acceptable but you will get bail by the skin of your teeth.”
He warned, however, that there was “a very real prospect” that Bremner, of 3 Shillinghill, Wick, would be sent to prison when he returned to court on June 12.
The accused will be subject to a 7pm-7am curfew meantime. Sheriff Berry warned that he would not entertain any excuses that Bremner didn't hear police at the door to check he was at home, because he was asleep, or in the shower etc.