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17-May-13, 12:38
Assaulted woman more concerned for attacker than herself Wick court heard

A WOMAN. assaulted in an hotel bar, was said to have been more concerned for her attacker’s well-being than what he had done, Wick Sheriff Court was told today.
Stacey Matheson was praised by a sheriff who heard that she had been prepared to come to court and speak on Andrew Bruce's behalf.
Bruce, 35, had his case continued until June 14 for reports.
The court heard that the incident occurred during a “pleasant evening” in the bar of the Castletown hotel on January 25.
David Barclay, prosecuting, said that for some unknown reason, Bruce had taken issue with a remark made. He approached Miss Matheson who was in his company, and there was an exchange of words before the accused “backed off”.
Miss Matheson realised her neck was bleeding. She was subsequently treated for a small cut.
Mr Barclay went on to say that, unusually in such circumstances, Miss Matheson had stated she was prepared to come to court to give evidence to the effect that she felt Bruce, of 39 Hill Avenue, Wick, needed “some sort of help”
Mr Barclay went on: “She was more concerned about his welfare than his actions on the night”
Sheriff Andrew Berry said: “It is all to Miss Matheson’s credit for having an insight into Bruce’s difficulties and her understanding of them.”
Bruce admitted assaulting Miss Matheson by pressing an unknown item against her body. His solicitor, Fiona MacDonald referred to a medical report which “would go a long way to understanding some of the background to the assault".