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20-Jan-07, 17:20
Has anyone got any good smoothie recipes, would like to get my 5 fruit and veg a day and thought having a smoothie would help.

20-Jan-07, 17:31
You can use different combinations of ingredients to make different types of smoothies. Experiment to find your favourites.

Generally, use half cup milk, half cup juice, one and half cup fruit or veggies, whir it up in blender and presto!

If you like an iced smoothie, just add some crushed ice.

20-Jan-07, 17:32
Forgot to ask is it ok to make smoothies in a food processor or do you have to have a smoothie maker?

catherine nicol
03-Feb-07, 01:37
You can make smoothies in a blender, food processor, smoothie maker or even with a hand blender (but you can get covered in crushed fruit if you aren't careful).

I enjoy two different ideas...

1. Mullerlight sized tub of Yoghurt, banana, blueberries, kiwi and nectarine blitzed together and served. If you use blackcurrant yoghurt you get a lovely purple drink.

2. Mullerlight sized tub of Yoghurt, a chopped banana, handful of blueberries, 3 strawberries, 1 chopped peach - all blitzed together, then add some sunflower seeds, 5 whole almonds and some porridge oats and blitz again. It is a much thicker consistency and very filling.

I often experiment with different fruits but stick to similar quantities as above.

I haven't drunk milk since primary school when we used to get it in wee bottles which were served outside in the playground at break time and sat thick with cream, and were warm, yeuck. So if I use milk atall to dilute the smoothies I use rice milk and it works well.

03-Feb-07, 23:19
Most recipes I've found seem to need at least half a banana...(ready made smoothies mostly have banana in them as well)...

Sadly, I'm allergic to bananas, my throat swells up etc:~( so they're out.

Do you think I could substitute something else/leave out the banana?

Or keep trying to find recipes which don't have any banana in the first place???

I'm not very good at experimenting, I much prefer to have a recipe if I can!

Any advice would be very welcome. :)


catherine nicol
11-Feb-07, 14:26
Just miss the banana out. I often do and it is still a good smoothie.

Add yoghurt or ice-cream instead of milk for a slightly thicker consistency or add porridge oats or something like that.

11-Feb-07, 15:48
Many thanks roy and catherine for your suggestions...I'll give these ideas a try.:D
Only thing is I can't use avocado as I'm allergic to that as well - because they are similar in composition, something to do with latex I believe??? :confused

11-Feb-07, 20:12
That sounds good too - I will try out these ideas...I'm just not very imaginative myself!:roll: