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28-Feb-05, 19:23
hiya just wondered what every1 thought of t-total?
if you dont no wot it is its like the x-factor but in wick (assembly rooms!) & thurso! you can ither sing,dance or be in a band i think lol, & you get called back & stuff.
whos all doin it?

01-Mar-05, 20:27
I sing... but wouldn't put myself through that.

Personally, if you want to get somewhere with a band or whatever, I'd say make it on your own without the help of people wanting to make a fool of you.

02-Mar-05, 22:38
Im one of the people organising this event. And I know what you mean Amethyst about making it big. The only thing is this event isn't about that. This is about youngsters having fun and having something to do in Caithness. You don't need to have talent to enter this competition you could be a complete fool and still enter. If we think your funny you can get in. And the beuty of it you can do anything. Be a comedian, dancer anything!

So yeh. I know with it looking like an X-Factor thing it might be a bit off putting but it's all for fun it isn't meant to be too serious.

Anywayz if there are people who want to enter. Enter because it will be fun :)