View Full Version : Quiz night Sunday 21st Jan 8.30pm

18-Jan-07, 01:49
Hope you all can be there on Sunday. Remember and be kind to me. I promise I will try my best.

18-Jan-07, 02:17
Can't be there this week, its the last two play off games before the superbowl, and I will be all day beer drinkin and watchin telly. But I will surely be at the next one, good luck to all!

18-Jan-07, 15:48
I'll try and remember to set my alarm to remember to come!

18-Jan-07, 17:55
Hi Wellies,
I will be there for sure. Got withdrawal symptoms last week!!!!....Lol!!!!
Have fun making up the questions.

18-Jan-07, 18:30
Hi Wellies.

Yep i will see you there.

You'll do fine - promise to be gentle. [lol]

20-Jan-07, 21:21
Bump to the top

22-Jan-07, 00:51
Wellies, I spent most of my time at the quiz tonight taking my turn in the default position as the week's designated host of the chat room revolving door adventure. But from what I saw, the quiz was great. Thank you for your leadership.

For all those with a fear of horses, be careful of hippos. And if you should ever need to know, I remind everyone that the gestation period for a lamb is 5 months.

22-Jan-07, 09:29
Well done to everyone who was at the quiz. Thanks for be easy on me.

3rd squidge and Victoria
2nd Foxy
1st jamieS

Looking forward to being at your quiz again jamieS


22-Jan-07, 11:01
Sorry Wellies, due to pc probs I didn't make your quiz .:(

Congratulations jamieS :Razz

22-Jan-07, 17:26
missed out again well done jamieS your turn again lol

22-Jan-07, 18:21
Forgot to set my alarm..Sorry! :~(

24-Jan-07, 17:35
Thanks wellies,

I had a great first quiz!!

Heres to many more!

Vic xxx