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07-May-13, 10:06
A chance to hear how others cope and share their experiences

HIGHLAND patients with diabetes are being invited to this year’s Highland Diabetes Conference which is celebrating the achievements of people living with the condition in the region.
Those attending on the day will not only be able to hear how others cope with having the condition but they will also get to share experiences with their peers and to find out how to get more out of their life.
Lorna Grant, Diabetes Specialist Nurse for NHS Highland, explained the event will also recognise those who have been living with diabetes for over 50years.
She said: “NHS Highland is holding the conference to inspire people with diabetes to be all they can be. We have some excellent examples here in the Highlands of people achieving great things whilst managing their diabetes.”
Included on the day will be a key note speech from local man Roddy Riddle who became the first person with person with Type 1 Diabetes to take part in the Marathon des Sables – a multi day ‘ultra-marathon’ run in six days over a course between 150-156 miles, in the Sahara desert!
Ms Grant said: “I’m delighted that, following his return from running the 2013 Marathon des Sables, Roddy will be giving a key note speech to those attending on the day. Having people like Roddy sharing his experiences of extreme training and athletic accomplishments whilst managing his condition should be a great inspiration to other people living with diabetes.”
Roddy, who had a very successful career as an international cyclist, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes aged 40, exactly five years ago.
He said: “I wanted to do something to raise awareness for the condition and to show having diabetes shouldn't stop you achieving your goals, so I chose the toughest foot race in the world the Marathon Des Sables (MDS).“I feel strongly about exercise being the best form of medication available as was proven by my continuous glucose monitor readings from the MDS, my blood glucose levels were always at their best during the actual stages. I look forward to sharing my experiences on the 18th May.”

The day, which is being held on the 18th May in the Centre for Health Science, Inverness, starts at 09.30 and will also include workshops with information about managing day-to-day life with diabetes.

Topics include exercise, how the latest technology and techniques can help achieve better control of the condition, pregnancy, foot care and nutrition.