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04-May-13, 13:51
Hospital patient had knife in underwear
POLICE seeking a man, believed to have self-harmed with a knife, found traces of blood at his home In Wick and traced him to a local street, shortly afterwards. Craig McBeath had lost a lot of blood from a deep arm cut.
Officers carried out a cursory search before an ambulance took the 27-year old to hospital but didn’t find anything untoward. However, it was recovered at Caithness General Hospital where he was treated, Wick Sheriff Court heard this week.
David Barclay, prosecuting, said that the police carried out a more thorough search at the hospital and, during it, a knife which had been hidden in the accused’s underwear, dropped to the floor via his trouser leg.
McBeath, described as a prisoner at Inverness Prison, appeared from custody, on indictment, and admitted breaching a curfew condition, on February 14, and being in possession of the knife. He was remanded in custody until May 16, for background report.
His solicitor, Haseeba Tariq, indicated that the accused, who has a record, was to be the subject of a psychological assessment meantime.

Headbutting alleged

A THURSO man is alleged to have head-butted a police officer after a domestic incident.
John Glover, 43, denied this and other charges when he appeared from custody earlier in the week. Bail was refused and he was remanded in custody, pending his trial on May 30.
Glover, of Lord Thurso Court, Thurso, is accused of shouting and swearing at Elizabeth Gillespie, behaving in an abusive and threatening manner, hitting her on her head and pulling her hair.
He is further alleged to have of head-butted Constable David Souter and behaved in a threatening or abusive manner while being conveyed to Thurso police station and kicked the vehicle and banged his head against the interior.

Power bike broke speed limit

A NORTH man hit some high speeds in his brand new motor bike.
David Sutherland ran into trouble... a police speed trap.
Sutherland, 49, admitted a charge of careless driving and was fined 600 and banned for three months.
The court heard that the accused of 11 Holborn Place, Scrabster clocked speeds of between 90mph-100mph in a 60mph limit, at Hilliclay, near Thurso, on September 15.
Solicitor Ian Innes told the court that Sutherland's new BMW bike was three times more powerful that his previous one.
He said: “The accused didn’t realise he had got up to the speeds involved. He should have been looking at his speedometer more closely and he realises with hindsight how foolish he was.”
The court was told that Sutherland had not used the bike since the offence and had in fact advertised it for sale.
Sheriff Andrew Berry described the accused’s actions in a 60mph limit, as “wholly inappropriate”.

Driver was overtaken by wheel from crashed car

A DRIVER waited for the car behind him to overtake...
But all that went past him, was one of its wheels the court was told.
The driver of the then three-wheel vehicle, Christoper Mallan, had lost control. His vehicle struck a dyke and ended up on its roof in a field but he escaped with minor injuries.
Mallan, 28, a farmworker, admitted driving carelessly on the A99, at Ackergill, on September 7, last year.
Mr Barclay, prosecuting, said that the accused had abandoned his overtaking manoeuvre, after seeing approaching headlights and had struck the opposite verge after over-correcting. He said: "The driver in front heard a loud bang and the next thing that passed him was a wheel."
The senior fiscal depute added: "Mallan who was bleeding from cuts was quite candid and told police he had misjudged the situation and perhaps could have chosen a better place to overtake."
Sheriff Berry told the accused that he had clearly put others at risk and added: "You lost control of your vehicle and one part of it passed the driver you were going to overtake." He fined Mallan, of 8 Stewart Crescent, Thrumster, 450 and banned him for six weeks after hearing that a lengthy disqualification might put his job at risk. Mallan will also have to resit his driving test.

Tried to cash Giro that wasn’t his

A JOBLESS Aberdeen man who attempted to cash a Giro which didn’t belong to him was ordered to carry out 75 hours unpaid community work.
Michael Sinclair, 35, admitted attempting to obtain 112-50 by fraud.
The court was told that unemployed Sinclair had been staying with the man to whom the Giro belonged but he had left without paying the accused money he owed him.
Sinclair, had found the Giro which had been left behind and regarded it as squaring the debt.
Staff at Wick Post Office became suspicious when the Giro was tendered and the police were informed.
The court was told had since moved south and was said to be living at 12D Room 3, Roslin Street, Aberdeen.