View Full Version : Ex-navyman squared up to police

03-May-13, 14:22
Brechin man didn't box clever when roused by considerate police

CONSIDERATE policemen got an unexpected reception when they went to help a drunk man who had fallen asleep outside a Caithness pub in the early hours.
Brian Bailey, 32, awoke and despite being unsteady on his feet, squared up to the officers, warning them he had been a boxer in the navy.
They had no option but to arrest him. The only punch he managed to throw was delivered to the patrol car, Wick Sheriff Court was told yesterday.,
Bailey, a ship's carpenter, of 9 Dovewells Drive, Brechin, Angus, admitted threatening or abusive behaviour and was fined 500.
The court heard that the former Royal Navy serviceman, attracted the attention of the constables in the early hours, outside the Scrabster pub on April 3.
David Barclay, prosecuting said: "The officers' intention was to offer the accused a safe lift home but despite that, the accused reacted by saying he had been a boxer in the navy, rolled up his sleeves, raised his fists and adopted a boxer-type stance. His conduct was entirely bizzare and drink-fuelled."
Solicitor Sylvia MacLennan said that at his age, Bailey, who has a record, should know better and realise it was "time to grow up and stop behaving in this manner."
Bailey, who was in the area on holiday, was "acutely embarrassed and ashamed" at his behaviour of which he had little memory and, added Miss MacLennan - "he wishes to draw a line under his sorry behaviour."
Sheriff Andrew Berry, who saw a character reference on the accused, observed that it wasn't his first conviction for disorderly conduct and told him: "It appears you lost some of the discipline one would expect to find in someone who served in the Royal Navy and engaged in boxing there."