View Full Version : Pop-Up Shop?

30-Apr-13, 19:35
Hi guys, was just wondering if anyone had any info on the Pop-Up shop beside the Comm in Thurso? I tried the website that they had on the sign but had no luck. Thanks in advance, Kerry.

13-Jun-13, 21:22
Glad to see Im not the only one who cant find any info. A quick google search didn't yeald anything. At first I thought their SOE was just shoddy but I tried the direct web address and also got nothing. I'll post if I get any news on it.

14-Jun-13, 20:35
Ok. I got an answer on it today. Have a chat with Scotty at the Comm. According to rumour there are a few bookings already but not long stay. Hope this helps ;-)

07-Aug-13, 18:47
07912 851769- this is a number I found my neighbour is involved send me you numbers and I will pass them on - cheers Martyn

07-Aug-13, 20:27
The Pop Up Shop in Thurso can be let out from 1 day, a weekend to several weeks. I am delighted to announce that we will be in the Pop Up Shop in Thurso from Monday the 4th November up to and including Christmas Eve. "Flavours Christmas Shop" selling our Christmas confectionery and luxury Festive Hampers......... Seems crazy to be talking Christmas when it's ice cream weather though ; )