View Full Version : Horse riding session for 4 year old..

29-Apr-13, 20:33

I was looking for a place that I could take my 4 year old daughter for a Horse/pony session. It's more for the experience than a lesson as she is is horse mad. Would anyone have any recommendations? We are willing to pay for the session.:eek:

29-Apr-13, 21:11
You should maybe try posting this in the 'pets corner', you'll find many helpful people there who'll point you in the right direction :) Good luck!

30-Apr-13, 20:30
Try Ashleigh Campbell at Castle view stables .She does own a pony days. Fun days and hourly lessons For all ages :-)Tel 07716 596164

15-May-13, 16:05
try Marion Bain at Achalone in Halkirk, my daughter has been going there for years and loves it, she also does Pony Club, her number is 831326

22-May-13, 21:50
I recomend Marion Bain at achalone activities , halkirk i just joint 5 weeks ago and i go there every saturday and i love it it's a brilliant riding club:)x