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16-Jan-07, 00:15
Just a quick post to say that if anybody is in either City (or has friends in....) on these dates and fancies hearin' some tunes by some local troops...please do stop in!

15th Feb - Rockers - 14 Midland St., Glasgow

28th Feb - The Tron - 9 Hunter Sq., Edinburgh


The Pepsi Challenge
16-Jan-07, 01:56
Hello - I was the chap who played a few songs with you during the Fats Crimbo Newmarket sesh. Will try and get along for your Embra' date.

16-Jan-07, 16:16
Aw rite! I hadn't realised! That was good banter! Good stuff if u can make the gig! Give me a shout.Cheers, Darren!

The Pepsi Challenge
12-Feb-07, 20:00
Embra' gig still happening?

14-Feb-07, 19:34
I was just comin' on to correct it!!

The Tron gig is now on Friday 2nd March. (the venues choice)

and add...

Bannermans, Edinburgh - Wed 21st Feb

Stummerville Charity Gig, Glasgow - 26th Aug

u still plannin' comin' down?

The Pepsi Challenge
15-Feb-07, 10:24
I'm covering Bloc Party next Wednesday, unfortunately; but I'll definitely try and get along to your show at the Tron. Promise.


15-Feb-07, 13:35
I think i'd rather be covering Bloc Party rather than The Maydays myself!! Thats should be good!! best of luck with it!

The Pepsi Challenge
26-Feb-07, 19:13
What time are you guys onstage this Wednesday? I have to cover a jazz show in the Grassmarket that night, but will be finished by 10pm (I think). Hopefully I'll get to catch a couple of your songs.

26-Feb-07, 21:59
Alrite Pepsi

The gig itself starts about 9-9.30 and we'll be last one so probably about 11 or so!

What pub r the jazz band in?

The Pepsi Challenge
26-Feb-07, 22:52
Am not sure if Swedish songstress Jeanette Lindstrom is your bag, but she's appearing at The Lot (at the foot of the Grassmarket) on Wednesday (www.jazzcentre.co.uk). Gig should be over by half ten at the latest, so I'll pop over afterwards. Put my name down on the guestie - I ain't paid for a gig in 8 years and don't intend on starting now. You just might get a review out of it. There's a good lad.

28-Feb-07, 12:05
U'll be alrite! There no guest list and theres no a fee! Pretty much a case of help ursel!

Hopefully see u there!

02-Mar-07, 14:19
Maydays - gimme a PM, I might have a Liverpool gig for you.