View Full Version : Police appeal on rural thefts

26-Apr-13, 16:44
Caithness targeted among other Highland areas

POLICE are appealing for information from the public to assist them target those responsbile for rural thefts across the Highland area as part of Operation Engage.
Within the last few weeks, police have noted an increase in the number of thefts in the more rural areas of the Highlands. Areas most affected to date have been Lochaber, Lochalsh, Caithness, Sutherland and Badenoch & Strathspey.
Some of these thefts are of heating oil, but most recently there have been several thefts of expensive power tools and other plant equipment. In the latter cases, insecure stores and vehicles have been entered to steal this property.
From the circumstances and the nature of the property stolen in most of these incidents, police can be fairly certain that vans or other such vehicles are being used by the thieves. Over the course of coming days and weeks, police will target specific resources to investigate these thefts and will put officers out on the roads to actively track down those responsible.
Superintendent John Chisholm, Highland and Islands Division, said "Similar types of theft tend to occur every year and there can be a seasonal element to this type of crime. In the experience of the Police, criminals may travel into the area and travel significant distances looking for opportunities to steal. Farm equipment, marine equipment and any metal of value are also very tempting targets.
"Unfortunately these thefts can sometimes be made all too easy is people fail to properly secure valuable property, vehicles and buildings or leave valuables in open view. I therefore urge members of the public, businesses and those involved in trades to ensure that valuable equipment is secured. With Operation Engage, we will play our part in hunting down these thieves but everyone else can help by taking some basic crime prevention measures."
Superintendent Chisholm added; "Everyone out there should be on the lookout for persons or vehicles seen in suspicious circumstances. If you own property or a business and you think someone has shown unusual or suspicious interest in it, let us know straight away because they may plan to return. Try and get vehicle registration numbers if possible or note down anything unusual about a vehicle which may help us to identify it later. Call us as soon as you can on 101 and tell us what you have seen."