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24-Apr-13, 11:48
P for Polling Day in landward election is May 2

A TOTAL of 1,428 people have applied for a postal vote for the up-coming Landward Caithness by-election. This represents just over 16% of the total electorate. Polling will take place between 7 am – 10 pm on Thursday 2 May.

The candidates are:

• David Baron, Scottish Labour Party
• Gillian Coghill
• Hanna Miedema, Scottish National Party (SNP)
• Barbara Anne Watson, Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party Candidate

Voters are reminded that the single transferable vote system is being used. Instead of using a cross, voters are asked to number the candidates in the order of their choice eg placing the number 1 next to the name of the candidate who is their first choice; 2 next to their second choice, 3 next to their choice and so on etc. Voters can mark as many or as few choices as they like.
Postal voters can hand their postal votes into any of the polling stations up until 10 pm on Thursday 2 May.
The 14 polling stations are at:

• Castletown Drill Hall
• Reay Hall
• Ross Institute, Halkirk
• Bower Community Hall
• Watten Hall
• Britannia Hall Dunnet
• Canisbay Hall
• Keiss Amenities Hall
• Reiss Hall
• Assembly Rooms, Wick
• Thrumster Hall
• Lybster Community Centre
• Dunbeath Village Hall
• Free Church Hall, Millbank Road, Thurso

The count will take place on Friday 3 May at the Wick Assembly Rooms, starting at 9.30 am.
The vacancy was created by the resignation of Mr Robert Coghill.