View Full Version : Re-offender three hours after good behaviour bond

23-Apr-13, 07:51
Offender faces a long prison term if he steps out of line again.

A WICK man, who breached a good behaviour bond three hours after it was imposed, was warned by a sheriff that he could face a two-and-a-half years jail sentence if he stepped out of line again.
Sheriff Andrew Berry described the re-offending within such a short space of time as “extraordinary” and told Kevin Cadden: “Let me assure you that between the two of us there can only be one winner.”
Cadden, 23, of Vansittart, Wick, appeared from custody at Wick Sheriff Court, yesterday and admitted a charge of threatening or abusive behaviour towards his former partner’s new boyfriend Brian Travers who lives in Thrumster. It was almost a repeat offence for which he was made subject to a four-month good behaviour order, at the court on Friday.
The court was told that his former girlfriend and Mr Travers made an arranged family visit to the accused at his home. Cadden made it clear to his former partner that he didn’t want Mr Travers to accompany her on future visits.
David Barclay prosecuting, said that the accused warned that if Mr Travers was present on a subsequent visit, “something unpleasant” might happen to him.
The senior fiscal depute said: “The remark was said to Cadden’s former partner but in the presence of Mr Travers and was clearly heard by him.”
Solicitor Neil Wilson asked the sheriff to accept that the threat had been “an ill-judged and inappropriate, remark...no more than that”.
Mr Wilson appealing for a sentence of unpaid work, added: “The accused realises that having been in court of Friday, his good behaviour didn’t last long.”
Sheriff Berry told Cadden: “I sometimes think that when you appear in court you think it is a joke...something to laugh about. If the court tells you to do something, you go out and do what you want.”
Making an order for 200 hours unpaid work to be completed in eight months, the sheriff added: “It doesn’t give you free licence to misbehave”.
Sheriff Berry stressed that the four-month good behaviour bond would remain in force and any further breach would result in all options being reconsidered and an inevitable jail sentence of two-and-a half years.
The sheriff ordered a review on Cadden’s progress for May 16 and told him: “I will expect to hear from your supervisor that you have turned up on time and worked hard. Do you understand.”
Cadden: “Yes, sir.”