View Full Version : A Tale of Two Tales

Cedric Farthsbottom III
14-Jan-07, 23:37
He looked down from where he was working
Her figure it was the best
Her cleavage hit him in the face
as he eyed up all the rest

She looked up at the rugged stranger
His pecs she could see
Cor what a stature for a brickie
Unlike the Chippendales this is free

He couldnae stand it any longer
Her hair was fluttering in the breeze
The wind did make her skirt blow up
Man,he began to wheeze

She thought "oh damn,he must have saw
Ma knickers wi aw thier tones
At least it was ma thong he saw
And no ma Bridget Jones"

He saw everything that he needed too
He wolf whistled down to her
But disappointment came to him
For the woman didnae stir

She looked at him in a sudden blur
Her eyes were all aglazed
Cos he had wolf whistled down at her
She truly was amazed

So he shouted down and apologised
"I hope yer no irate!"
She shouted up and said to him
"I'll meet ye ootside the chippy at eight!"

14-Jan-07, 23:41
I like your style Cedric, funny stuff. I hope your keeping a note of all this stuff incase it gets lost ;)

14-Jan-07, 23:55
Good one, Cedric! :lol: I hope Jane disna get jealous, though! ;)

15-Jan-07, 23:37
Good stuff! .....more!