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19-Apr-13, 04:36
i am getting married next year for the third time, i know i have chosen the right man for me. but i am getting lots of advice about what i should not do, particularly with my wedding dress...my mother suggested that i wear a pant suit or something similar in ivory or champagne. My bridesmaids keep steering me towards simple tea length party dresses. i don't want a fairytale princess dress, but i do want to look special and gorgeous in a gown. i have been having a heck of a time finding a dress, looking for something classically sexy that is age appropriate. i think this dress may be the one but i am still a little nervous about it. Please give me your thoughts. Thanks so much. http://www.inweddingdress.com/style-mo147.html
it is a MOB dress, but will order it in light ivory. Has anyone else got a MOB dress instead of a wedding dress?? Any pics if possible. This is the only thing i am fussing about.
Thanks ladys.xx

19-Apr-13, 11:11
The MOB Dress is lovely.
Another option could be something from www.tartanbodices.co.uk (http://www.tartanbodices.co.uk) or on her facebook page it may give you another option as separates can look nice too. Also a little bit different. x