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18-Apr-13, 07:56
Snow trail led police to home intruder
FOOTSTEPs in the snow led police to a man who claimed he had entered a middle-aged woman's village home to check she was okay, but ended up alarming her, Wick Sheriff Court was told yesterday.
Officers followed the tell-tale footprints from the woman's home at 3 Baikie Place, Thrumster, to Kenneth Scobie's house, next door at No 5, and apprehended him.
Earlier, his 55-year-old neighbour, Yvonne Wilson, was awakened by the sound of footsteps in her 3 Baikie Place, Thrumster, shortly after 11pm, on March 13, and called out -"Who's there?".
David Barclay, prosecuting, said she got no reply and then heard the intruder's retreating steps and the sound of her patio doors closing.
The senior fiscal depute said: "Ms Wilson was clearly concerned at what had happened. She waited a few moments before turning on the lights and checking there was no-one there and then contacted a friend who confirmed that this was the case. The police were summoned."
Mr Barclay said there was snow on the ground and it immediately became clear to officers that the "intruder" had left distinct footprints in the snow which led "straight" to the 23-year-old accused's home".
When interviewed by officers, Scobie explained that something unusual had caught his attention when was putting his refuse bin out and observed that the patio door handle was in the unlocked position.
Scobie said he was concerned about his neighbour and had gone to check that everything was okay. He heard Ms Wilson say something about someone being in the house and being of "a nervous deposition" he responded by running out of her house.
Scooby, said Mr Barclay, accepted in hindsight, that by not identifying himself, the situation would have been alarming for his next-door neighbor. The accused admitted threatening or abusive behavior by entering her house uninvited and putting her in a state of fear and alarm for her safety.
Solicitor Zoe McConell said that Scobie had acted out of concern for Ms Wilson. His father routinely kept an eye out for people in the community and his son had taken the opportunity of following that policy and was "very sorry" for having alarmed their neighbour.
Sheriff Andrew Berry, who saw a report, said that "certain issues " in the accused's life, may have contributed to his behavior, but commented: "It made the position no less concerning for the lady involved."
The case was continued until Friday to ascertain Ms Wilson's reaction to the possibility of a non-harassment order being imposed on Scobie, a first offender. The sheriff indicated that he was considering a community service sentence.

Pushed club steward

A WICK man, who assaulted a bouncer at the door of a local social club, was ordered to carry out 75 hours unpaid community service.
The court heard that Paul McNeill, 48, intervened while stewards were explaining to another person that the event at the Francis Street Club, on December 27, last year, was an all-ticket affair.
The accused, who was said to have been "extremely intoxicated" took exception to the way the doorman, Colin Carter, was handling the situation, shouted and swore at him and pushed him.
Solicitor Fiona MacDonald said that McNeill, of 29 Oldwick Road, Wick, had "mis-read" the situation. She added that the accused, who admitted charges of assault and abusive behavior and a record, had since had his club membership revoked.

Drove while disqualified

A MACDUFF teenager will be sentenced next month on charges of driving while disqualified and without insurance in Caithness.
Eighteen-year-old Martin Budge appeared from custody and admitted the offences which occurred on January 30, in streets in Thurso and at neighboring Scrabster.
The case was continued until May 15 for reports. Budge, of 5 Fife Terrace, Macduff, is subject to an interim disqualification meantime. In addition the accused, who is also currently subject to a community service order, on an unrelated matter, was ordered to stay out of Caithness until his next appearance, as a condition of his bail.