View Full Version : Custody sentence for teenager

17-Apr-13, 18:10
Stretched court's patience to "snapping point".

A SHERIFF complied with a Thurso teenager's request to "wipe his criminal slate clean" and sentenced him to four months at a young offender's institiution.
Dominic Long admitted stealing a mobile phone from a house in Ormlie Road, Thurso between March 25 and 30.and a number of previous convictions. Wick Sheriff Court was told yesterday, that he had been drinking and didn't remember the theft.
It was stated that the 17-year-old was currently carrying out unpaid community work for an unrelated offence.
His solicitor, Neil Wilson said: "I think he accepts that he has stretched the court's patience to snapping point." Mr Wilson said there had been several reports on the accused in recent years and while his repetitive offending related to minor crimes it had accumulated.
Long, of Ormlie Crescent, Thurso, will be subject to supervision after his release.