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22-Jul-02, 11:46
My name is Noreen Dunnett. I lived in Wick from 1964 - 1974 at Braeburn, George Street. My family owned a sports shop/shoe shop in the main street called J Dunnet and Son (it became a wallpaper shop after that I gather!). My grandfather, David Dunnett was the Harbour Master at one time and lived at the top of Willow Bank. My great aunt, Muriel Dunnett lives at East Banks still.

I went to Wick North School and then Wick High School until I left in 1974 to move to Somerset with my family. I have three sisters, Helen, Janet and Alison, all called Dunnett still.

People I remember are Fiona Lamont (whose father owned Mackay's Hotel and I am still in contact), Lorna Sutherland (family had a farm at Thrumster), Brian Beattie, Eddy Harper, Dorothy Williamson, Shona Fraser.

I sang with the Arion Choir and the Wick Parish Church Choir with Henry Rosie.

Bill Fernie
06-Aug-02, 22:34
Haver you seen the pictures of the Arion choir on the site at http://www.caithness.org/photopeopleincaithness/arionchoir/index.htm I don't think you are in any of them but there are a few blanks in thenames.
Mrs Alins Mowat who used to run the choir has just celebrated her Golden Weddding http://www.caithness.org/fpb/august2002/mowat/index.htm

16-Aug-02, 23:16
Do you remember your childminder ?? Cath Banks? You were all happy children - but what are they doing?

27-Aug-02, 16:35
Yes, I remember you very well - you used to take us all to the library and I used to read my books on the way home and nearly get run over!!! I am now a teacher, married to David for 17 years and have two children, Helena 10 years and Isobel 7 years. My sister Helen works for the Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra as Marketing Manager and is now divorced. Janet works for an American Finance Company in Preston and is also, unfortunately separated from her husband although they are great friends. Alison works for the London Symphony Orchestra as their Sponsorship and Development Manager and lives with Rob, her partner, in North London. Lovely to hear from you - how are you and your family? I will tell Mum and Dad I have heard from you.

04-Sep-02, 00:14
thanks for the reply :D It is hard to believe Alison is so grown up -would you believe I am a granny four times over and two are twins? -i am still in Wick -I am a landlady ?doing bandb-you are very welcome to stay - when are you coming north?

21-Sep-02, 21:05
IwAiting ror your reply?

22-Sep-02, 00:04
Mum and Dad have just been in Wick - did you see them? Unfortunately we're not likely to be up in the near future. Can't believe you are a granny - must be a young one!! Thanks for the offer to stay - will bear it in mind.

05-Oct-02, 00:59
sorry I missed your folks - wish they would have shouted in? Im sure they would have known where to find me?

05-Oct-02, 12:23
Apparently Mum and Dad were only in Wick one day so were a bit pushed for time. Mum said she'd forgotten your married name?

Maybe they'll have time next time.

25-Oct-02, 23:31
It would have been nice to have spoken - Im sure they werent too far away -maybe next time?

26-Oct-02, 15:52
Perhaps you could just remind us of your married name and your address, then we can make sure we don't miss you if we're up in Wick?

Nice to hear from you again.

02-Sep-04, 09:23
Yes I know of you. Your father is my first cousin and Muriel is my sister I reside in Brisbane, Australia. Alexander Dunnett
I beleive you are trying to trace the McKenzie side of your family, if you reply by email I will be able to help you.
My email is dunnetta1@optusnet.com.au