View Full Version : Converting video tapes to dvd

Mrs Sweetie
16-Apr-13, 21:00
If you have any old home videos, maybe a wedding or the kiddies playing, that you can't watch because you no longer have a video player or you'd like to be able to watch on your computer/portable dvd etc., there is a local man offering the service of converting video recordings to DVD. Alastair Sinclair will take your video tape and convert it to either a DVD in a standard plastic wallet or a DVD in a rigid, plastic case with a wrap round photo/caption.

You can use the shop, Meiklejohns, 5 Thurso Street, Wick, for a drop off/collecting point and see a sample of what the finished items look like. Keep your eyes peeled for him at craft fairs where he will have a dvd running on screen so you can see what a conversion looks like.