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15-Apr-13, 11:07
Among several offenders targeted

POLICE Scotland Highland and Islands Division take part in week of action on the roads in the area as part of a national enforcement campaign to deter and detect speeding and inappropriate drivers.
The campaign, which started today at 07:00 hours, is the first under Police Scotland as part of the commitment to making Scotland's road safer.
Offences such as careless or dangerous driving, failure to wear a seatbelt, using a mobile phone or hand held device whilst driving and driving without insurance or a driving licence will be targeted during the initiative.
Drivers face the risk of anything between being issued with a conditional offer of Fixed Penalty Notice (COFPN) to imprisonment, depending on the offence.
Whilst road traffic legislation will be enforced where appropriate, drivers will also be reminded of their responsibilities and officers aim to educate motorists of the dangers associated with inappropriate driving and speed, and the impact this type of behaviour has on road safety.
Police Scotland Highland and Islands Division, Road Policing Inspector Neil Lumsden said: "Our involvement in this campaign highlights our commitment to road safety within the Highlands and Islands. It will provide an opportunity for focussed police activity whilst raising awareness with the motoring public which is key to ensuring that our roads are safer for all who use them.
"I continue to encourage everyone to be mindful of other road users, if you are driving slower than the national speed limit or you notice a build up of traffic behind you, pull over and allow them to pass. Making small decisions with regard to your behaviour as a driver can help cut frustration for other drivers and therefore, reduce the risk of collisions.
"The campaign is as much about education as it is about enforcement and we want to see motorists driving responsibly and making responsible decisions.€�
For more information on how you can improve your driver behaviour, visit the following websites:
www.scotland.police.uk (http://www.scotland.police.uk)
http://www.aroundthecorner.org.uk (http://www.aroundthecorner.org.uk/)