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Cedric Farthsbottom III
13-Jan-07, 03:20
Ma Jane I love ye wi aw ma heart
I plonder will I see ye later
For I'm about to do a thing right now
As I write here with pen and paper

For I love ye ma Jane
My heart is yours forever
For I'm about to do a thing right now
And I might never see ye ever

Ma ink is running low right now
I think I'll have to stop
So I'll finish wi ma letter now
Before I have to drop

Cos I'm in the trenches Jane ma dear
I'll always be yer Wild Rover
But the whistles nearly blowin ma Jane
I'll soon be going over

For one last kiss I give to you
My duty is to the King
But the bareness I see in front of me
I look at hope that it might bring

So Jane, please wait for me
On the station for the train
For I hope in my bleakness I see right now
I will see ye once again

So here I am in light of day
In a life a whole lot better
With ye ma Jane in front of me
On the station,in yer hand,my letter

13-Jan-07, 09:11
Lucky Jane !!

13-Jan-07, 12:07
Cedric, that is a lovely poem; brought a tear to mine eye; thanks. T

13-Jan-07, 14:54
Very Good, Mr Kipling eat your heart out ;)

14-Jan-07, 02:02
I fair enjoyed that poem, Cedric. Well done! :)