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12-Jan-07, 23:49
Does anyone else have problems parking in Wick? finding a space is no problem but finding your car damaged is! Where is the safest place to leave your car? I park in Somerfield car park and three times now I have returned to my car to find I've been reversed into or have a nice big Dent. My last car had a lot of damage costing a fair few pounds of my hard earned wages! my new car is now winking at me with no indicator at the front and a nice dent and scratch. I always park in a quiet area but it's just heartbreaking to think someone isn't even bothered about damaging your property. Even if they someone couldn't afford to repair it for me just some form of note or appology or anything would help!

While I'm on here does anyone have a spare set of Indicator lenses? or know anyone that has for a Citreon Saxo 1.1i P reg.

Many thanks! Tracey.

13-Jan-07, 00:04
was going to say women drivers but youv'e knocked that one on the head :lol: only joking, very recently somebody called citroen saxos dangerous & unpredictable, surely cant be true if there parked up or are they vicious wee beasties if parked next to a punto or a pink smart car

13-Jan-07, 22:07
Nah My little Saxo ain't a wee beestie! he's a Very nervous little boy who clings to my leg everytime i leave him in a car park on his own! hehe poor thing he looks like he's winking at me now! My little car was looking smart but the scratches on the front and on the bumper are going to take some getting out!

14-Jan-07, 13:12
Parking anywhere always seems to be a problem, Wick or Thurso, one is as bad as the other as regards damaging cars in car parks and not leaving a contact number or name and address.

I particularly dislike people who reverse into the parking areas at supermarkets, they then proceed to push their trolleys between the cars to get their shopping in the boot, and in the process scratch along the side of the car that happens to be parked next to them, at the same time being very careful not damage their own precious model which happens to be parked the wrong way round.

14-Jan-07, 14:38
most of the time the damage is due to people not bothering to put the trolleys back and the wind blowing them into cars i have seen this happen on a few occassions, its just pure laziness not to put them back[disgust]

14-Jan-07, 15:40
Yes i totally agree with you sam.I also see alot of trollies bein blown into cars as people are just to darn lazy to put them back..Also hate when you go to get a parking space only to fine trollies in the parking bay..Grr..!!!!!!

Damaged cars are becoming alot more frequent in wick..My car has bee damaged sitting outside my front door..Someone took a key right along the door..Was deep and my car neede resprayed!:(

14-Jan-07, 17:18
I was parked outside Woolies (Thurso) the other week. The man who had parked next to me had gone in has passenger door looking for something and banged the edge of his door against mine. When I challenged him he completely denied it. I was sitting in the car and heard the thud. Luckily it didn't leave much of a dent or scratch. Had it been the other way round I'm sure he would have had something to say. I was furious with his attitude not even an apology.

I've never had to much trouble in Wick. Usually park in Somerfields along the river side, away from the shop a bit where it's less busy (usually). The other place is behind the court there is a car park (There's a dentist) and there's also parking along the river. (less shopping trollies getting blown about).

Shopping trollies is a big cause of damage. It's really lazy of people to either leave the trolly in the parking space or walk half way across the car park to hurle it next to the shop, for it to roll back down a slop or be caught with the wind.

14-Jan-07, 22:13
if all the stores had trolleys where you had to put a 1 in them folk would soon return them and not just leave them lying around

14-Jan-07, 23:06
I live in Wick and find "high street" parking a bit of a nightmare,
Have parked about everywhere thats legal!!!(cough cough) never had a prob BUT its the way some people throw their cars around to get them parked oblivious to your car that is the danger.
If they spent a bit more time on maths at school they would have no probs with angles !!! LOL.
My old 95 Escort doesnt have parking sensors but all these peeps with sensors dont seem to use them or the japanese sensors degree of angles is different from metric!!!

By the way my "old" (only in mind not in body) has a very large obtrusive towbar but still to hit a car yet!! (do pedestrians who are fair game count?)

My message is park as you would expect every1 else to park!