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08-Apr-13, 14:21
Police disappointed over drinks drivers

SIX people were arrested for drink driving over the weekend across the Highlands and Islands Division of Police Scotland.
Five men (one in the Western Isles) and one woman were held in custody until Monday 8 April.
Divisional Commander Chief Superintendent Julian Innes said: "I am very disappointed to see that so many people are still prepared to risk their own and the lives of others on our roads by driving under the influence of alcohol."
He added:"Road safety is a high priority as more people die on our roads than as a result of homocide. We will continue to proactively enforce drink driving laws and if you drink and drive, you will be caught."
A number of these individuals were caught as a result of information from members of the public. If you are aware of anyone driving whilst under the influence of alcohol, you should contact police on 101. You may save a life."