View Full Version : Knife in boxer shorts was for drugs use

05-Apr-13, 14:24
Sheriff concerned that it could also be used as weapon with potentially serious consequences

A SHERIFF disputed an explanation given by a man who hid a knife in his boxer shorts and expressed concern that it might be used as a weapon.
The accused, Peter Mackay,30, claimed that the blade discovered in an ‘unusual’ place, was part of his drug-taking equipment and there was a suggestion that if might also have been used for self-harm.
However, Sheriff Richard McFarlane wasn’t convinced. He raised the possibility that given Mackay’s stated drink and drugs background that the ‘secreted’ blade might, under certain circumstances, be used.
The sheriff told Mackay: “I am concerned that the knife is there and you might, on occasions through drink or drugs, not be in control, and use it and the potential consequences could be very serious indeed.”
Mackay, of 15 Strathmore Place, Thurso, appeared from custody, at Wick Sheriff Court yesterday, and admitted possession of the knife in Murchison Street Wick, on March 9, and a record. He claimed the knife with a two-inch blade, was part of his drug-taking paraphernalia.
The court heard that Mackay had considerable problems and was receiving assistance for them and had recently been allocated a house in Thurso.
His solicitor, Eilidh MacDonald said that she had raised the question of the knife with the accused who had insisted it was never going to be used as a weapon.
Sentencing Mackay,who is currently subject to a three-years probation order, Sheriff McFarlane said that past efforts made by the court and other agencies had met with little or no success and the only disposal of the case was prison.
The six-months sentence is back-dated to March 11 when the accused was remanded.