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04-Apr-13, 15:03
Sheriff's sympathy for marriage break-up accused

A SHERIFF expressed sympathy to a man in the dock over his marriage said to have broken down irreconcilably.
The accused, Leslie Hutchinson, 48, admitted charges of assaulting his wife breaching a bail order and behaving in an abusive manner at a police station.
Wick Sheriff Court was told that he slapped his wife Susan once, at their then family home in Pennyland Drive, Thurso on January 31. He later shouted and swore at officers when he called at the local police office.
Hutchinson, now living at a croft at The Old Quarry, Shebster, also breached a bail condition by subsequently sending her text messages via intermediaries.
His solicitor, Fiona MacDonald, said that the accused was remorseful about his conduct and was now reconciled to the fact that his marriage was over.
She said that Hutchinson appreciated that his conduct at the police station was unacceptable. The accused had got the impression he was not getting anywhere with the officers, in the reception area.
Ms MacDonald added: “He suffers from panic attacks.” Commenting on the text messages breach, she said that at that point, Hutchinson had felt that reconciliation might still be possible.
Sheriff Richard MacFarlane, who saw a report, said he would give the accused an opportunity to get some structure back into his life and added: “I always find it very sad when a marriage founders, particularly when one of the parties ends up in the criminal justice system. There are no winners in all of this.”
Hutchinson was ordered to carry out 100 hours of unpaid community service and will be subject to supervision for 18 months.