View Full Version : Quiz night Sunday 14th Jan - 8.30pm

10-Jan-07, 19:43
Just to let you all know that the quiz will be on from 8.30pm onwards. Hope to see you all.

10-Jan-07, 20:03
Be gentle with him, its his first time as quizzie:lol:

10-Jan-07, 22:54
Hope you have fun being Quizzie JamieS.

10-Jan-07, 23:22
Sorry I won't be at your quiz, jamieS.

Have Fun :Razz

10-Jan-07, 23:52
JamieS - good luck with the quiz. I won't manage next Sunday either - I've had a better offer :D

mums angels
11-Jan-07, 13:08
Sorry JamieS, I'm away this weekend but hope you have fun. :)

12-Jan-07, 17:15
I will be there, Looking forward to it..Really enjoyed my 1st quiz hosted by Piglet..Cya all there! ;)

13-Jan-07, 03:18
Time sounds good to me, I'll be there aiming for second place again :lol:

13-Jan-07, 17:30
If I remember to set my alarm again........I'll be there.......but going by last time, just to make up numbers!

14-Jan-07, 22:50
Well done to everyone who particapted in tonights quiz.

3rd Place was JingleJangle with 21 points.
2nd Place was Cedric Farthsbottom III with 27 points.
1st Place was Wellies with 30 points.

I am looking forward to you Quiz next week wellies.

Thanks all

14-Jan-07, 23:36
Well done guys, sorry I didn't make it, its play off weekend in the NFL and I got engrossed in the Chicago Bears game :)

15-Jan-07, 00:09
JamieS, thank your for your leadership today. It was a great quiz.

15-Jan-07, 11:00
Well done for your first time as quizzy.....oh how I hate unexpected visitors :lol:

15-Jan-07, 11:27
Sorry i didnt manage to make it..Ended up ironing..Which REALLY needed done:(

If i had sat down at the computer then it would be hard job getting me away so best get the domestic chores done 1st!:eek: