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24-Mar-13, 13:53
TIME for another ceilidh so log onto http://www.andysceilidh.co.uk/ (http://www.andysceilidh.co.uk/) :-

ALAN ROY (The March Hare)
BOB LIDDLE (Whaups at Whitton, Larks of Towford, etc.)
EDDIE BARCLAY (Shetland mine)
P/M CALUM WATSON (The sleeping warrior)
FINTRY STYLE (Riding down to Bangor, Golden slippers, etc.)
INA MILLER (The black velvet band)
DUNCAN WOOD & GUESTS (The roaring broadside)
GORDON BROWN S.D.BAND (The sword of St. Columba, etc.)
TARNEYBACKLE (No hopers, jokers and rogues)
MACLEOD FIDDLERS (Andy de Jarlis jig, Owny's best jig, etc.)
RED HACKLE PIPES & DRUMS (Longueval, Gairloch, Skye boat song)
MAGGIE ADAMSON & BRIAN NICHOLSON (Pottinger's pineapple polka)
IAIN ANGUS MacLEOD C.B. (Audrey MacKenzie, Angus MacKinnon)
ARTHUR SPINK (Old comrades)
SHONA CAMPBELL (Bluebell polka)
WICK S.D.BAND (Inverness Gathering, John McMillan of Barra)
BOBBY BROWN & THE SCOTTISH ACCENT (Bobby Brown's jig, etc.)
JOSS & SANDRA ESPLIN (The Northern Lights of old Aberdeen, etc.)
ANDY KAIN BAND (Capt. Norman Orr Ewing, The Cameron Highlanders)
EDDIE ROSE (Wee boy act)
GRAHAM GEDDES (Joe Mackie 50th)
BOB LIDDLE (Sharplaw Brig, Herding at Hindhope, Yows at Peelnick)
TARNEYBACKLE (Lord of the dance)
IAN MUIR SOUND (Circassian circle, David Turnbull's reel, etc.)
BILLY MEEK (McDougall, McNab and McKay)
THE OCCASIONALS (The Whittingham Rant)
JIM CLELAND (Canberra carousel)
BILL STEWART (Rolling home)
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