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23-Mar-13, 11:57
Flavours, John O'Groats will be open as usual all weekend - 11 to 6pm. Thank you to our customers for your understanding in having to close the shop last week.

We are closing for our refit on Monday to Thursday and opening again on Good Friday. Come and see our newly improved shop over the Easter weekend. We have something very special planned for our 1st birthday! Come and join us on Monday the 1st of April for our birthday celebrations when we will be pleased to offer you an exciting range of extra flavours (22 in total!) and a fab new waffle cone to add to our gallery. As you have asked, we will also now have ice cream sandwiches/wafers (plain & nougat). Due to popular demand, we will be introducing our Sugar Free Sweet range (lovely jars of traditional favourites).

Last year, on the 1st April, you queued out the door with hailstones bouncing off the pavement. I can guarantee we will manage our queues better this year, but I can't guarantee the hailstones! or rather the lack of them......Here's hoping.

Opening times
Saturday the 23rd & Sunday the 24th - 11 to 6
CLOSED Monday 25th to Thursday 28th
Then open every day from;
Friday 29th & Sat 30th March - 11 to 6
From Easter Sunday and throughout the summer - 11 to 8

Monday 1st April - celebrate our first birthday with the launch of our new flavours.

Can you wait??? See you soon:)

30-Mar-13, 09:21
Thanks to you all for your lovely feedback about the new shop layout. We have been blown away by the enthusiasm from our customers:)

Our new additional flavours arrive on our 1st birthday - Monday (Banana, Pistachio, Coffee, Raspberry Ripple, Turkish Delight, Creme Caramel and Bubblegum Ripple to name but a few). There is still plenty of lovely Capaldi's Ice Cream in BOTH our freezers and our new cone - the honeycomb sparkler is proving to be very popular already!

We have some Cocoa Mountain Easter Eggs left which will be on special offer today = 2 for 10.00 (even the nutty one's, so that is a bargain!)

We are open Saturday 11 to 6 and Easter Sunday (and EVERY DAY throughout the summer) 11 to 8.

Team Flavours are looking forward to seeing you over the Easter weekend....and we have sun, and no hailstones...hoorah!

31-Mar-13, 20:15
Are you giving up with Capaldi or is the new new range in addition. They do sound interesting, especially the Coffee & Turkish Delight.

01-Apr-13, 09:37
Thanks Gerry, I realise I should have been clearer!

No - we are definately keeping our Capaldi's range of ice cream as we know everyone loves their high standards and their flavours are traditional favourites with our customers. Our additional ice cream and sorbets are being supplied by Rizza's of Huntley and they have agreed to supply us with their dairy ranges where possible (which is a very good quality ice cream).

We are pleased to say our ice creams are all gluten free and our new sorbets from Rizza's will be dairy free too. Please just double check with staff if you have any query about ingredients/allergies and we will check there and then for you.

I cannot believe a year has passed already and we are 1 today! It's been an incredible year - thank you so much for your custom and support. I mean that sincerely. We hope you will like our new flavours and that our new ranges will appeal. We wanted to keep fresh and we will keep stepping up a gear year on year!

01-Apr-13, 15:59
Thanks for that. I know Rizza's well, used to sell it & they made a special ice cream for us using our own whisky blend. A very helpful company.

We are all very glad you opened a year ago :)