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21-Mar-13, 18:26
Take care on icy roads say sheriff after hearing about careless casualty

A Sheriff has urged motorists to take extra care in icy conditions after hearing of a driver who left a village road and crashed into a burn.
The driver,James Ross 48, admitted a charge of careless driving at Wick Sheriff Court yesterday, and was fined 150 and also incurred three penalty points.
The court was told that the accident occurred in Beach Road, Keiss, around 2am on December 4, last year. Ross, of 34 Cairndhuna Terrace, Wick, was heading for the car park at the foot of the road.
David Barclay, prosecuting, said that Ross had not given himself enough time to stop at the end of the road, given the icy conditions.
A solicitor's letter, submitted to the court on Ross's behalf, stated that he had misjudged the road conditions and confirmed he had been unable to stop after encountering a sheet of ice.
Sheriff Andrew Berry commented that extra care in such conditions was "critical".