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19-Mar-13, 17:20
Phone chats mean lost concentration and in some cases accidents say Northern Constabulary

POLICE have expressed disappointment after 31 drivers were caught using a mobile device whilst driving and 21 who failed to wear a seatbelt during Monday's day of action.
Officers across the force took part in a 24 hour enforcement campaign following concerns raised at the last Northern Joint Police Board meeting regarding motorists' continued use of mobile phones whilst driving.
Despite extensive publicity in the run up to the campaign drivers still failed to adhere to the law and put themselves and other motorists at risk.
The use of mobile hand held devices whilst driving now carries a 60 fine and is endorsable on people's licences.
This illegal practice can be a factor in road traffic collisions due to the fact that the driver is not fully concentrating on the road.
Acting Inspector Norman MacLeod, from the Force's Road Policing Unit, said: "The campaign was highly publicised and as such the results are disappointing. There is no excuse for those drivers who were caught using a mobile device whilst driving.
"This campaign is a reminder to all drivers that using hand held devices whilst behind the wheel is dangerous and puts not only the driver at risk, but other road users and pedestrians.
"The public highlight these issues to us on a daily basis and are clearly concerned with drivers who continue to break the law in relation to mobile phones. We will continue to enforce the law in relation to these offences on a daily basis."
Acting Inspector MacLeod added: "It was also disappointing that we also detected 21 motorists who failed to wear a seatbelt during the campaign. This is even more inexcusable given the fact that it has been a legal requirement for drivers to wear seatbelts since 1983 and they represent one of the most important safety features within any vehicle."
During the 24 hours enforcement campaign Police also detected a number of other road traffic offences including:
A drink driver, one person dealt with for offences under the misuse of drugs act, a fixed penalty in a restricted lane, six instances of vehicle defects, one person without valid road tax, a red light offence, dangerous driving, two people for having no insurance, an incident of dangerous carriage of passengers, a drug driver and one person for careless driving.
Orkney - 300 checked with 2 mobile phones and 1 seatbelt.
Shetland - 1400 checked with 4 mobile phones and 0 seatbelts.
Western Isles - 300 checked with 1 mobile phone and 0 seatbelt.
Highland - 12927 checked with 24 mobile phones and 20 seatbelt.