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18-Mar-13, 19:49
Accused terrified at prospect of returning to prison

A SOLICITOR made an ernest plea for a client’s freedom, today, arguing that he would be in danger if he was remanded again.
But the appeal, on behalf of Mark Macleod, at Wick Sheriff Court was rejected.
Macleod, 29, originally appeared on charges at Wick Sheriff Court on March 11 and was remanded in custody at Porterfield Prison.
He successfully appealed to the High Court and was released on March 15 when he resisted the police at his home in St Peter’s Road, Thurso. Macleod admitted having committed the offence while on bail, when he reappeared from custody, at Wick Sheriff Court today.
Requesting bail, Macleod’s solicitor, Neil Wilson told the court that Macleod was “terrified” for his safety in the event of him of being remanded, again, to Porterfield Prison, Inverness, and outlined the “unusual” reasons which cannot be revealed for legal reasons.
However, Honorary Sheriff Gordon Beveridge said he didn’t feel it would “be in the public interest” to release Macleod and remanded him in custody for reports, until April 3.
The accused is currently subject to a community payback order.

Two deny disorderly conduct

IN a separate case, two accused denied shouting and swearing at each other.
They were Jamie Bremner, 23, of Shillinghill and Rachel Jones, 21, of Roxburgh Road, Wick. Jones pleaded not guilty to a further charge of assaulting Bremner by striking and scratching him.
The incidents are alleged to have occurred at Jones’s home, on Saturday.
The pair were granted bail and will return to court on June 26 for their trial.