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14-Mar-13, 22:21
Crash driver was blinded by the sun

AN Orkney driver, who caused an accident in Caithness, was said to have been blinded by a low sun when he pulled out from a junction and collided with an oncoming vehicle.
However, Bryan Green accepted that he should have waited and ensured the way was clear, Wick Justice of the Peace Court, was told yesterday.
Green, 23, of Seaview, Deerness, admitted driving carelessly, on the A99, at the Everly junction, at Freswick, on New Year’s Eve.
He was fined 200 and incurred four penalty points.
It was stated that both cars were damaged and Green, a digger driver, sustained a fractured rib.

Costly autograph

THE autograph unemployed David Stubbings left in a police cell cost him 120.
That was the amount he was fined after he admitted causing the damage last and a record.
The court was told that officers at the local custody suite discovered on September 26, last year, that the accused, of 3B Ashley Court, Wick, had engraved D.Stubbings on the inside of the metal cell door.
Solicitor Neil Wilson said that Stubbings, 42, couldn’t remember the vandalism but accepted he was responsible.

Speeder reached 99mph

A Wick driver reached a speed on 99mph on a 60mph-limit stretch of the A99 near the town.
Electrician Kevin McBeath, 23, admitted the offence which occurred at Hempriggs, on January 19.
The court was told that McBeath, of 39 Breadalbane Terrace, Wick, would lose his job if he was banned from driving.
Sentence was deferred until April 11, for a confidential medical report on certain family conditions which, it was argued, might have a bearing on the penalty to be imposed.