View Full Version : Lowepro Classified 200AW camera bag for sale

Douglas Cowie
12-Mar-13, 22:35
Lowepro Classified 200AW camera bag for sale, bag is still in original wrapper with tags and has never been used, currently selling from WEX at 129.00
Very high spec bag with waterproof cover, ideal for someone who does a lot of travel with their camera, the bag is within carry on limits of all major airlines and will hold a small/laptop/notebook as well as 2 DSLR'S and lenses, has a seperate memory card holder wallet, passport pouch and two built in cleaning cloths.

Selling for 60
Telephone: 01955604192 or PM me

http://www.wexphotographic.com/buy-l...black/p1029961 (http://www.wexphotographic.com/buy-lowepro-classified-200aw-bag-black/p1029961)

http://www.isitetv.com/0b25a447e0cf3...956e0f2-p4.htm (http://www.isitetv.com/0b25a447e0cf38f88a451aa33956e0f2-p4.htm)

Douglas Cowie
19-Mar-13, 18:17
Bag now 50