View Full Version : Academy chairman denies charges

11-Mar-13, 15:02
Banned from street and approaching alleged victim

THE chairman of Wick Academy's excutive committee has been accused of a domestic incident at a house on the outskirts of the town and causing damage there.
Colin Stewart, 54, appeared from custody at the town's sheriff court, yesterday and pleaded not guilty. The charges allege that he behaved in a threatening or abusive manner, likely to cause fear or alarm, in that he shouted at Elaine Georgia Gray at her home in Newton Row, and smashed a glass panel in a door.
The incidents are alleged to have occurred on Sunday. Stewart of 18 Lower Dunbar Street, Wick, was granted bail and will return to court for his trial on June 13. Conditions of bail ban him from entering Newton Row or attempting to contact Ms Gray.

Accused of obstructing the police

A THURSO man is allege to have run away after being detained by police under the Misuse of Drugs Act.
Peter Mackay, 33, denies obstructing police officers in the execution of their duty and being in possession of a two-inch blade. The offences are alleged to have occurred in Murchison Street, Wick, on March 9.
Mackay of Stratchmore Place, Thurso, will stand trial on April 17.