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07-Mar-13, 13:32
Familiarity can breed complacency -warning

POLICE will be carrying out a weekend long campaign to highlight the dangers which exist on country roads across the Highlands and Islands. The ACPOS led campaign will run from 0700 on Friday till 0700 Monday 11 March.
Head of the Force's Road Policing Unit, Inspector Neil Lumsden, said: "Many dangers exist on rural or country roads including bends, mud on the road, hidden entrances or junctions and we would urge drivers and other road users to be aware of these. Casualty figures in the Highlands and Islands have seen a steady decline over the last five years which is encouraging, but one death on our roads is one death too many. This campaign highlights some of the dangers that exist on country roads, of which we have many in the Highlands and Islands
He added: "It is also recognised that drivers tend to relax as they approach familar roads close to their homes and we would urge people to remain vigilant until they pull up safely at their destination. Complacency can creep in when drivers feel over familiar with roads they drive on regularly. As well as educating drivers about the dangers of rural roads we will be enforcing the law in relation to speeding and inappropriate driving and I would encourage all road users to drive to the conditions and at a speed that is appropriate to the type of road they are travelling on."
Speeding carries a minimum penalty of a 60 fine and three penalty points on your driving licence.
In some instances drivers may be convicted of dangerous driving, lose their licence for at least 12 months and may be ordered to re-sit the driving test.
For more information, please refer to the following websites:
www.acpos.police.uk (http://www.acpos.police.uk/)
www.dontriskit.info (http://www.dontriskit.info/)
www.bikesafe.co.uk (http://www.bikesafe.co.uk/)
www.aroundthecorner.org.uk (http://www.aroundthecorner.org.uk/)