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06-Mar-13, 16:59
Caithness Courier headlines for March 6

NETWORK Rail has admitted Halkirk's Bridge Street level crossinbg is not safe for motorists after negotiating a second out-of-court settlement, according to aprominent campaigner for safety improvements at the site of a triple tragedy in 2009. Former Caithness Highland Councillor David Flear said that the payouts highlight why Halkirk should have been the first to benefit from the recent decision to invest 4 million in installing safety barriers at 20 crossings

A PASSIONATE craftsman, who wanted to give others an outlet to sell their work in the far north, said he has been forced to close his Wick shop due to te lack of cumstomers coming to the town centre. Frank Horton yesterday said he made the hard decision to close his business, Made in Caithness, after trading in the High Street for three years. Due to the lack of money and customers, coming into the store, he said it had become impossible to keep it going and that it will close its doors for the last time at the end of the month.

in primary school opening hours has not been ruled out by Highland Council after 2015 despite parent power quashing the controversial proposal last year. The SNP-led administration dropped the suggestion, contained in a public budget cuts consultation, after widespread hostility from parents and unions. The ruling coalition had said shortening school days for pupils of P4 and above by 30 minutes per day, could save 3.2 million a year but scrapped the idea before it approved its spending plans for the next two years.

of up to 50% are to be made to the public opening hours at Wick and Thurso police stations. Thurso's station will be open to the public all week but from 9am to 5pm rather than from 8am to 8pm, a reduction of 25%. Wick police station is currently open to the public 24 hours a day. But from April 1, that will be reduced to 8am-8pm seven days a week.

Highland councillor has been criticised again ,for his absence at meetings of Castletown and District Community Council. Chairwoman Brenda Herrick described the reason for Landward Caithness councillor Alex Macleod's non attendance at Thursday night's meeting as "extremely disappointing". Mrs Herrick hit out after the councillor sent an e-mail to offer his apologyies. He said he would not be able to be present as he had to "attend to some council business in Inverness".

A PLAN to turn the former US naval communications base at West Murkle into a multi-purpose arts venue and skate park, is "too airy-fairy" it has been claimed. Alice Hill told Thursday night's meeting of Castletown and District Community Council she thought the road leading to the site would need to be upgraded if the project was to be successful.

finally...accordion maestro Brandon McPhee has won the open button box championship at the NAAFC Open Button Box Championship at Polmont for the second successive year.