View Full Version : What's Watten Like?

16-Feb-05, 19:54
Thinking of buying a cottage I've seen in Watten and wouldn't mind some insider information as to what it's like. After reading the boards I fear for my windscreen and wonder if the "Wick Mafia" get that far?
Thanks in advance!

19-Feb-05, 20:40
lovely little village - like all caithness villages. Quiet except on a friday night when coghill's auction is on. And I have never heard of the Wick Mafia getting that far! Get your widscreen re-enforced however.

20-Feb-05, 01:03
I live in Watten.

It's generally peaceful, but like Katarina said it's very busy on auction nights.

20-Feb-05, 10:14
Its a beautiful village with a primary school which is excellent. There's a village hall where there are various activities: WRI, rifle club, Young farmers, playgroup etc There's a pub, playing fields and I think there is a football team too. Warren has a shop and a petrol station as well as the auction rooms. Its a real community and the locals are friendly and very accepting of 'incomers'.

Its prime farmimg land so if you have dogs I hope you will understand and follow the country codes! There's also a loch with excellent fishing. Its almost in the centre of Caithness and therefore its easy to get to both Wick and Thurso. The only flip side is that because of its position the roads in and out can get blocked with snow.

It might be worth your while to check it out now in the winter as it may look good in June in the fine weather but you may not find it so lovely on a stormy day in February!!
I hope you enjoy living there.

ps Watten is also famous for its brainy people. Just ask George Brims!!! Over to you Cheordie....

20-Feb-05, 12:17
Very often it's not what you can get out of a place - but what can you give to a place.

I have lived in ten different communities and loved each one, trying to take part and contributing something to the area.

Most of the areas have been in England, where I must say I have been more than welcomed. The kindness and generousity of the English can match that of the Scots any day.

So before making this huge step, ask yourself what you have to give.
What are you expecting - what do you need? What do you know of northern counties?

Good luck to you
Watten is a most beautiful village and the people are very friendly.

22-Feb-05, 15:56
Like the whole of caithness Watten is beautiful. However, depending on how far south you are coming from Caithness may seem like something you may read in a book. Up here we have lived our lives basically the same way for hundreds of years. All the different influence from our past have shaped the life we live today. We do change with the times but unlike the places south of the Ord, we are a little behind in times. Almost as if we are in a slight different time zone from the rest of the world. We are happy with it being this way, even though us caithnessians have a grumble from time to time, we are happy with our lives and our home.

Watten is a fine village especially if you have a family or plan bringing up children. Its located well in caithness but as said in the other post when the weather takes its turn for the worse as it often does, travel in and out of Caithness is difficult, let alone Watten.

Thank heavens spring is on its way!

23-Feb-05, 13:00
Hmmmm - dont recall ever being stuck in Watten in 40+ years of residence there....... no problems getting out at all..... :D

However if the cottage you're planning buying is outwith the vlilage area there are the obvious issues with transport when its snowing. Few & far between, perhaps once a year or even less. We went up Banks Road in Watten yesterday morning at 7:50am and the road had been gritted and was clear. No problems if you're a sensible & careful driver.

Watten is a good wee community, but its all been said by others in the forum. You get out of it what you put in.

Good shop & post office - friendly people the Jacksons, garage, pub, local facilites etc