View Full Version : Xbox 720 (Infinity) No more Pre-owned Games

26-Feb-13, 19:13
I cant wait for the next Xbox but with this idea that they're getting rid of the used market i think is crazy! it means everybody on high street stores will be out of business, game rentals will be out of business, are they going crazy?

It means Microsoft would be the main providers for games. wheres the fair play?

Unless they do it all on codes and cards, for example, you can go into game-store and buy a prepaid game card, i dunno, it seems a bit silly, especially if you want to go round a friends and play there, it means they will have to pay full price for that game too.

I'm sure then Microsoft will limit the game to a particular user too. how on earth is that going to work?

they say the specs wont be as good as the PS4 either and even then they say they any games that come out wont anywhere near the graphic quality of a PC.

apparently too you have to be connected to the internet all the time for the thing to work and you have to have kinetic 2.0 inserted for it to work...

why don't i just stick to my Xbox 360? at least that's reliable...

ill just wait until April to see how good it is when they release the info. I'm sure it wont beat PS4's share button, that seems cool.

26-Feb-13, 19:20
Wasn't there a European Court ruling recently that stated, despite the License Agreement, that any game bought online, the purchaser has a right to sell it on?

26-Feb-13, 21:25
Found a link (http://www.webpronews.com/you-can-resell-your-steam-games-in-europe-2012-07) to the story.

04-Mar-13, 16:45
I found somewhere online that said the same but argued that they could get around this like battlefield 3 does, with the need of constant online connection to play games on the 720, and the need for a new activation code for used games. i think then you can buy used games at a cheaper rate but microsoft still makes money on an activation code. hopefully not. but with that law you showed i hope it means we can use used games.