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25-Feb-13, 10:58
Bail breacher given a chance after "glimmer of hope" report

A SHERIFF gave a recurring bail breacher a chance, after hearing that she was making an effort to turn things around.
A prison sentence was on the cards when Cheryl Fleming appeared at Wick Sheriff Court and admitted yet another bail breach.
Under its conditions, she was banned from entering Kennedy Terrace in the town and seeing or contacting Peter Vercoelen who lives at No 20 there.
Police acting on information, found the 41-year-old in his house at 20 Kennedy Terrace, on January 28…a week after the accused was granted bail.
David Barclay, prosecuting, said that the Fleming, who is currently carrying out unpaid community service, said that, although she had stated she was welcome at the premises, it was for the court to decide bail conditions, not individuals.
Solicitor Neil Wilson began by saying that Fleming's predicament was well known to the sheriff.
However, he said, there was "a glimmer of hope". A social inquiry report indicated that Fleming appeared to be engaging "far better" than she had in the past with her community service.
Mr Wilson continued: "Her underlying problem is still there...she is a chronic alcoholic. She gets drunk and feels lonely and goes to Mr Vercoelen. That is what happened, again."
The solicitor added that the accused was well aware she faced a prison sentence but appealed to Sheriff Berry to allow her to continue her unpaid community service. The sheriff agreed to do so.
He told her: "I think it is fair to say that pretty well everything has been tried to ensure you are not endlessly in court and in prison. There is from the report, a glimmer of hope that you are taking steps to help yourself. That is absolutely essential if we are to have confidence that you won't commit further offences."
The sheriff allowed the current community service order to continue and will review it on April 3.

Theft from teenager was no joke

A THURSO youth’s act in stealing two fifty-pence pieces from a teenager, was described by the sheriff as
“a thoroughly miserable crime”.
Danny Marr, 19, of Strathmore Place, Thurso, admitted the theft and was ordered to carry out 75 hours unpaid work in the community.
The court was told that the incident occurred outside a shop in the town’s Castlegreen Road, where a group of youths had congregated.
Mr Barclay, prosecuting, said that one explanation given for the theft was that it had been “some sort of joke” which the accused might have regarded as larking about, but the 14-year-old relieved of the cash, didn’t see the funny side.

Tablets-were-pain-killers- plea

Unemployed fisherman John Sunter was fined 200 when he admitted having been in possession of a Class A drug.
Sunter, 41, of Clett Terrace, Scrabster, admitted the offence.
It was stated that the morphine tablets were discovered at the accused’s home on November 12, by police who had a search warrant.
Solicitor Neil Wilson said that Sunter had been given the tablets as a pain killer by an associate for whom they had been prescribed.