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15-Feb-05, 19:58
Without wanting to sound churlish in the face of so much generosity, particularly by children, why are there so many events in Caithness still raising money for this? It has been fairly well publicised for some time now that at least two of the major charities with Tsunami appeals have closed them and some charities have more money than they know how to spend. This is due to the unprecedented response. As a result of this, money for charities supporting the millions of starving and ill people in Africa has practically dried up and many charities are asking for donations to be directed to Africa rather than SE Asia. Why did those organising recent events not bother to find out where the money was most needed?

15-Feb-05, 20:26
I agree that it seems to have gone over the top, when there are other charities which never get any support (in this country as well, more importantly).

The thing is a lot of people have been so moved by the images on tv etc that you can't blame them for wanting to do something to help. I just wish people would make these events a regular thing and maybe next time give to local or UK charities which are just as needy, but not so publicised.

15-Feb-05, 20:44
It takes time to organise events, you can't go changing the beneficiaries at the last minute.

Thurso Legion for example had a long series of events.

Just because two charities say they have enough, doesn't mean it can't be put to good use with other charities, there is a long period of re-building to go through yet. I'm confident DEC will manage our donations well.

24-Feb-05, 21:56
As I was one of those who helped to organise an event to raise funds for the appeal,
I cannot let 'Badger' get away with his comments....This was hopefully a one off tragedy
which has affected millions of people destroying their lives and their countries. We have possibly a duty to help. Its going to take many many years to get thing back to a semblance of normality, bearing in mind that most of the ground is now sterile due to the salt water etc. Africa and the other '3rd world' countries is on going and will always need
our support (which I have supported by direct debit monthly to World Vision, for many years). Not wishing to get political, It would help if we could get some of the corrupt
governments of these countries to stop siphoning off aid monies and food that is destined for their people. Even if our government cancels debts owed by the countries
they will only start again so that they can fund their own lifestyles and private armies to keep it that way.

28-Feb-05, 17:24
too true lochan.