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15-Feb-05, 00:55
Cant decide what car to get, but like the vauxhall astra best, I think. I like Ford, Vauxhall, Peougeot, and Renault. I need to have very good brakes as I travel a lot and room for passengers. Any recommendations please? Which is the best car?? :D

16-Feb-05, 09:40

16-Feb-05, 18:05
I have an astra and I love it. I wouldnt have anything else.

11-Apr-05, 12:48
Stck to the Astra....... not a bad car better than the others you mentioned. I guess it all depends on how much money you want to spend and how well the car your about to buy has been looked after too.

12-Apr-05, 00:03
I'd go for the Astra, either that or a Reliant Robin.

12-Apr-05, 18:02
Please, for the sake of us all, dont buy anything French. They new Astras and Vectras are really good cars, specially the higher models. Happy Car buying :D

24-Aug-06, 18:52
buy a focus! the new models are excellent, even the old models are still better than the new golf and astra!!

26-Aug-06, 21:44
I Would Go For The Astra I Have One And Are Delighted With It.

26-Aug-06, 22:52
Renault Megane Scenic 1.9TD. Comfortable, quick, drives like a small car, very economical and plenty of room.

31-Aug-06, 21:40
Don't buy a new Focus, had nothing but trouble with mine, faults and poor fuel economy, poor after sales service from dealer and Ford, will not be buying from either again.

Hey Tides, imagine you pushing Vauxhall, there's a surprise!!!!!

01-Sep-06, 10:01
buy a honda accord, simply the best car money can buy, youll never have any problems with a honda, the whole package is bullet proof,