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15-Feb-13, 16:13
Businessman tells court -"I was covered in blood" after assault

A WICK businessman told how he was attacked in a local back street “for no known reason”.
Naceer Ahmed said he was left covered in blood after being repeatedly punched by Thomas Macgregor, the local justice of the peace court was told, this week.
Macgregor 49, pleaded not guilty to a charge of assault and lodged a special defence of self defence.
Mr Ahmed,43, said he had been on his way with a friend to Harper’s Bar (formerly the Back Bridge Street Club) when the assault, last September 10, occurred.
He told the trial that Macgregor was standing at the entrance and began staring at him. When he asked what was wrong, the accused punched him once in the face and twice on the side of his head.
Mr Ahmed said: “I had a burst nose and a black eye and was absolutely covered in blood. My nose continued to dribble blood a couple of days afterwards.” A passer-by intervened and the accused ran away down a nearby lane.
Mr Ahmed said he went into one of his shops and tidied himself up, before getting a taxi home.
He told the court that he was still experiencing headaches and was getting scans and had experienced blackouts in November. He had no idea what had triggered the attack and denied he had pushed Macgregor out of the way while entering the bar.
Mr Ahmed strenuously rejected a suggestion from defence solicitor Stephen Lafferty that he had punched the accused, and grappled with him, saying it was “absolute rubbish and lies”.
Retired teacher Elizabeth Wilson said she observed two men who, at first, appeared to be “just talking” when she turned into Back Bridge Street on her way to get a newspaper.
Then Macgregor punched Mr Ahmed and the situation erupted into a melee with both men trading punches – the incident shocked her, happening at that time of the day. Then a passer-by shouted and the two men disappeared inside the bar.
Giving evidence, Macgregor, of Murchison Street, Wick, denied staring at Mr Ahmed and claimed that the businessman grabbed him by the arm and rapped: “Get out of my f------ way.”
Macgregor claimed that Mr Ahmed had thrown the first punch and then “blows were exchanged”. The accused added that he didn’t hold any grudge against Mr Ahmed.
After hearing submissions from the prosecution and defence, the Justices returned a verdict of not proven.